Machine Learning Course


Machine learning is the tool that analyses large amounts of data to identify the underlying patterns using Supervised & Unsupervised methods. These patterns provide insights about the data without explicitly writing a specific code for decision making.

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₹30,000/ *

  • Online Training Program


₹35,000/ *

  • Classroom Training Program
  • 12 Weeks, 30 Sessions Program
  • 5 Major Project
  • 30 Algorithm Exercises
  • Hybrid Learning Model
  • Certification Program
  • Internship Included
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Hackathon with Certification
  • Regular or Weekend Batches


Machine learning can be defined as a concept in which computers or systems are enabled to learn from the data without being programmed. It has various applications right from Regression, Time series, Clustering to Classification making it the most sought after course. Machine learning is an integral part of both Data Science and Artificial Engineering and the professionals are engaged in building models that suit the specific business application. Almost every organization is investing heavily in Machine Learning for a better future.

We as humans are generating tons of data on daily basis and it is the prerogative of the organizations to analyse the data to get real insights from it to align their businesses toward the market needs. Learning Machine Learning would help you to be part of this endeavour by helping organizations build relevant models to solve business problems. Be the talent the organization is looking for and part of the solution.

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Course Information

The Machine Learning course would build the essential knowledge related to Supervised and Unsupervised algorithms so that you could select the right algorithm to address the business problem. Through this course, you would solve various hands-on exercises that make you confident to handle any requirement. Post completion of the course the learners could work with organizations to build efficient models. The application part of this course would prepare you for the future and the internship option would give you the necessary exposure.


  • Easy to learn and Job-ready program
  • No coding involved
  • Hybrid Learning Model
  • Minimum Batch Size
  • Job Preparation with Profile building
  • Internships and projects
  • Scholarship Assessments

You Will

  • Learn Statistical Models, Visualization techniques, Various Tools and such.
  • Get Dashboard with Hybrid Learning Watch Videos before Online or Offline classes
  • Complete analysis of data, cleaning, transforming, visualizing, and modelling
  • Build dashboards for real-time inputs related to the data for the business leaders Have a structured thinking, analyse business problems & visualize data to generate reports.
  • Learn to use various essential Data Analytics related tools and methods to be effective.
  • Work on real-times projects to solve business problems to build confidence.

Course Highlights

Essential Skill-Building

Skills are what we promise – Acquire essential skills right from the preparatory course to interview readiness. Our pedagogy encourages and prepares you for real-life situations. Find the right balance between knowledge and skills through practice.


The demand for Machine Learning engineers is every increasing with the introduction of more powerful algorithms to solve business problems. Indian organizations are investing heavily in customized algorithms to suit their business need. Hence, the demand for Machine Learning Engineers is on the rise and it is time for you to position yourself as one. Check the statistics that define the demand and for everything Machine Learning is the essential base.



We believe in encouraging talented learners with Scholarships to avoid the learning hurdles due to financial limitations. However scholarships must be awarded based on the merit and hence our assessments. We would be glad to assess learners using our multi-dimensional assessment to identify the dormant potential and thus encourage them through the learning process by offering financial benefits. To know more you could contact us or register for the online assessment. If you are not clear on the career path in the field of AI, please feel free to meet our career counsellor. We would be glad to guide you through the career options to draft a personalized career path.


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“It was an great experience from Cedlearn. I have learned a lot from your training. I am happy with their teaching and training quality. They have supported me to grow up . Thank you!”

Aditya Sharaf

“It was a very wonderful experience having a 1 month training for DA course here. All the staff members are also very friendly. And always ready to help for everything. I really enjoyed my time here and learnt a lot. And even our trainer Suresh Sir,was also very helpful and taught us everything practically.”

Sukanta Ramamani

“Data Science curriculum is good along with job guarantee program. Trainers are having experience and patience to explain everything in detail.”

Ishaan Reddy

“Good place to learn data analytics course in Hyderabad and thanks to cedlearn for making my career success”

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“ Best training centre for DA and DS, with real-time people with personal guidance, resume Building, Mock interviews and more over others part of company people come and give guest lectures on career building .”

John Rodrigues

“This is a wonderful platform for a Data Science course. This is not just like a class but like a training. It is very useful for future learning while doing a job. I have done a Data Science course on this platform. I learned so many things through their guidance.”

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